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GuardFilm Application Instructions


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Materials Needed:

  1. 1 oz drinking or distilled water
  2. 1 drop of Soap or Shampoo (do not use types with conditioner or lotion)
  3. Small Lint Free Cloth (recommend 3M Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth)
  4. Rubbing Alcohol
  5. Straight Edge Plastic Card (Credit Card)
  6. Small container or dish
  7. Water Spray bottle and Lint Free Towel (optional Ė only used for pre-cleaning work surface)


Choose a work table that can get wet is clean and free of dust, hair, and lint particles.

Spray your work surface and surrounding area with water (do not use any cleaning solution). Wipe thoroughly dry with a lint free towel.

Wash your hands thoroughly with lotion free soap.

Ensure that the productís power is OFF. Remove the battery or engage the hold switch.

Clean the surface of the product thoroughly with a little rubbing alcohol and wipe dry with a small lint free cloth.

Tip: Any foreign matter such as dirt, dust, hair, and lint particles will appear as bubbles when trapped under the Guard Film. Check for any foreign matter before proceeding.

Note: On Full Body GuardFilms, separate the front and rear sections. Apply the front GuardFilm first.


1. Add 1 drop of soap or shampoo into a container. Pour 1 ounce of room temperature water into container and stir if necessary.

Note: There should not be any bubbles in your solution; this would indicate too much soap was added.

2. If your have a Full Body Guard, separate the front guard from the rear guard.
Install the front guard first then repeat the following steps for installing the rear guard.


3. Submerge the GuardFilm including the liner in the solution.

4. Peel off the GuardFilm from the liner.

Note: For iPod front GuardFilm with cutout wheel, leave the wheel and button portion on the liner.

Place the liner aside.

5. Submerge the GuardFilm back into the solution.

6. Take the GuardFilm out of the Solution. Let the excess water drip off the GuardFilm.

7. Place the GuardFilm on the product. Carefully center the GuardFilm.

Note: The GuardFilm should be movable for positioning. If the GuardFilm appears to stick then your solution needs a little more soap. Dry off the product and start over.

7a. When installing the rear iPod GuardFilm, test the position by folding down the flaps. If the flaps are uneven then reposition the GuardFilm.

8. Lightly pat down the GuardFilm with the small lint free cloth to remove excess water and hold in position.

9. Wrap a plastic card with the small lint free cloth.

10. Squeegee out the water from the center outwards. Wipe the largest surface areas first. Continue until the entire surface has been wiped.

Tip: If you notice any bubbles there may be foreign material (dust, hair, lint, etc...) underneath. Remove the GuardFilm and submerge it back into the solution. Feel the area that had the bubble, many times they can be wiped off in the solution.

10a. On iPod rear GuardFilm, fold over the flaps and continue to squeegee outwards from the center.

11. When installing the rear iPod GuardFilm allow approximately 2 hours before pressing down the corners and small flaps.

Cover or wrap the product with the lint free cloth during this time to protect it from foreign matter.

The film will become stickier as it dries.

Use your fingers to rub the corners and small tabs down.

Upon initial application the GuardFilm will appear a bit hazy. The GuardFilm will become clear after the adhesive completely dries.

After a few hours the GuardFilm will be set and ready for use.


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GuardFilm Accepts All Major Credit Cards
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